The work Wonderland is in no sence an illustration of Lewis Carrols book Alice adventures in Wonderland, the title is used as a methaphor for an inner as well as an outer world turned upside down. Wonderland is about the stigma and wonder of childhood. The child dealing with life, death, dependency and powerlessness, adapting the norms of the adult world or refusing them.
The child facing the physical reality and fears by creating a private, magical sphere with the own rules, were the borders between adult, child, dream and reality are dissolved.

In this place the child itself creates the norms and hierarchies, but not being completely able to shut the actual reality out, the hopes and fears can take any shape.


The Limbo Pictures

Limbo meaning literally ”hem” or ”border, in theological usage the name is applied to  the temporary place or state of the souls of the ones who are excluded from heaven but that neither deserve eternal punishment in hell.

In The Limbo pictures, Limbo is used as a metaphor for a middleworld where everything is undefined and judgment is therefore impossible. The characters are isolated in their own situations without the existence of a Before and After, they therefore have a total lack of perspective on the own situation.

The photographs are to be shown in various sizes between 52 cm x 74 cm to 120 x 125 cm, mounted on dibond or aluminium.



The name of the triptych Infantia comes from the latin word Infans that means “child that cant yet speak”. The tattoo is a way to manifest your identity or an experience that you have had. Something that’s reserved for the grown up human being. In this work I let the child carry the tattoo as a comment to the idea about the uncomplicated child.

The photos are Colour-prints mounted on aluminium in the sizes, 110 cm x 130 cm.